A Perfect Time

Gosh Golly!

A whole month since my last post. It’s funny how and not busy I have been. I spent the last two weeks (and then some) on the road visiting friends in other states. (South Carolina and Texas) So part of my excuse is being away from home and severely off my regular routine.

The trip was great and productive in some ways that I’ll get into in a moment, but my biggest take away is that I have learned my lesson on “Long Drives”. I drove from Texas to West Virginia in one shot and it just wasn’t worth the hassle. On my way down, I stopped in SC for a couple days, so I was able to break the trip into thirds (One-third to SC and two-thirds from SC to TX). Prior to this trip, the longest drive I had made was just under 11 hours. This trip doubled that. Never again will I force myself to endure so many near misses of falling asleep behind the wheel.

As for how I spent most of the rest of my time (while not being entertained as a guest), I worked on a math problem. Those that know me, know that I when I am unemployed I almost always slip into some sort of math/computer science research. Most of the time, the results can only be measured in personal growth, but this time, I think I have picked up a project that, when finished, I should be able to publish the results.

Most mathematical, and indeed, most scientific research is nothing more than “incremental” results. One small step that came on the heels of a prior small step. That is exactly the result I have here. Nothing that will make the newspapers, but it is of basic interest to those working in the field. The title of this post is a hint as to what I have been working on. The question has to do with Odd Perfect Numbers.

I’ll go into more detail in a couple days. Right now, I need to unpack, clean the cob webs that cropped up in my absence, and recover from the drive.


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