About Trick

Let’s see, I Guess I should start with the fact that I’m a Doctor of Mathematics, though like most people I do not utilize my degree in my current vocation. I do, however, use many of the skills I picked up along the way. Such as, problem solving, reading comprehension and research, and the ability to self-teach. In essence, the general skills that tend to be more important than learning any particular subject.

I grew up in central New York on a picturesque lake in the middle of wine country. Sadly, I am not one for boats or wine, but that doesn’t make the area any less beautiful in the summer and fall. I have been to the Tuscany region in Italy. Where I grew up is quite similar in look and feel. Though Tuscany, having been settled for more than two millennia compared to the two centuries of New York is definitely more seasoned.

I misspent my young adulthood learning and teaching Tae Kwon Do and French Fencing. I love learning, which is one reason I love writing.  No matter how good you get, there’s always more to learn.  It would be nice to learn about this stuff for the rest of my life.

I eventually gave up the martial arts to study mathematics at the University at Albany, SUNY. While working on my PhD, I learned to swing dance, and taught calculus. After graduating, some of my friends have insisted on calling me “Doctor”. I suppose I can’t blame them it is my fault, after all.

I have a bad habit of exuding snarky humor, especially late in the day.  Please forgive me if you think I say anything off color, or don’t forgive me and just keep reading, it is the same price. I don’t believe in political correctness. I think it is the bane of integration and only serves to separate us as a society. We should be focusing on that which brings us together.

As for my writing, I have always wanted to write, quite literally since the age I learned to write.  I remember being six years old and writing an episodic story about a turtle named Herman.  I had a strange fascination with turtles when I was a young child.  Why is it I never got one as an adult? Probably because I avoid responsibility at all cost. 😉

I do not focus on my writing as much as I like, but hopefully some day I’ll get some of my work out there. I am not so delusional as to think that what I write will be inspirational, or even any good, but I do hope it’s fun.  My only goal is to make the characters come as alive to the reader as they are to me.


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