Contact Me

I’m not sure why you would want to contact little ol’ me, but I can be reached via email at:


(Without the spaces and asterisks, of course.)

I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t really see the need to advertise myself to that degree and, quite frankly, there isn’t anyone from which I care to hear daily affirmations. Like wise, no one wants to hear the daily quips may drool from my lips, so I don’t waste my time allowing spam bots to follow me.

Yeah, I’m that cynical and anti-social. I make no apologies.


6 responses to “Contact Me

  1. hi trick thanks so much for your visit i must admit ive neglected wp a while had too many committments going on il be catching up soon be wel have a great week xjen

  2. No worries Jen. 🙂

    Life goes on. You either move with it, get out of the way, or get trampled.

    Of late, I’ve just gotten out of the way. 😀

    Hopefully, soon, I can move along with it.

  3. Katrina, quite possibly you missed the internet memo whereby people put their email address in a “pseudo-code” so that spammers can’t easily use scripts to phish for email addresses. I think this might be the second time you’ve tried to email me and not gotten through. I emailed you just in case. 😛

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